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Pro-Active Support

At IT 4 Offices we use a state of the art monitoring software to ensure your systems are running and kept running, preventing downtime where possible and ensuring you are in running your company using your IT systems effectively and not allowing your IT to prevent you working.

Pro-Active IT

IT Migration

Whenever you a system change is required within a business, a migration process is used to ensure that important company and client data is kept secure and accessible.
Including: Cloud, Virtualisation or Mergers/Buyouts


Email Security

Are you fed up with adding senders to junk lists.   Many of our clients using our spam filters now have the time to work without interruption from constant adverts and unimportant spam emails, as well as having the peace of mind that they are protected by multi-layered virus protection.

Email Security

Network Design

IT 4 Offices have developed a solutions portfolio that enables the provision of full end-to-end infrastructure solutions.
This range enables us to provide our clients with both a tailored and integrated solution to their entire infrastructure networking needs.

Network Design

GDPR - Secure your data

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effective on 25/05/18.  Many UK businesses are getting ready and while others may not yet heard of it or this is does not relate to them.  Tougher fines and stricter regulations effect all businesses, across all industries and countries. 

Remember, your business needs to take into account past and present employees and suppliers as well as customers (and anyone else’s data you’re getting hold of, storing and using)

Look hard at your security measures and policies. You’ll need to update these to be GDPR-compliant, and if you don’t currently have any, get them in place. Broad use of encryption could be a good way to reduce the likelihood of a big penalty in the event of a breach.


Securing your data

Many businesses have shared data within their business.  The new regulations require you limit data access to those who actually require it for their work.

Keeping IT simple is key to any system you use, we suggest the following:

  • Locking down file shares to a single user or team/groups. For example: Your HR information should only be needed by the persons who deal with Employment records or payroll.  
  • Data should be placed in folders within the shares to only the department who needs access.    For example:  You may keep Employee records in one folder and the payroll data in another.  If your employee records are not needed by the payroll clerk and your HR manager needs both HR and Payroll records, the folders permissions would be set with the HR manager having access to both folders and only the payroll folders.
  • File permission or passwords can be also implemented to further secure the folders.  If your network shares do not allow folder permissions then adding a password to a file will restrict access further.
  • If you are using an application to manage your payroll or accounts, always ensure the passwords meet best practice and are different from the users login password.
  • PCs should be set to auto screen lock so that access is automatically restricted if the user PC is inactive or away from their desks.
  • Backup - Always ensure you have a secure backup of any critical files and have regularly tested their restore.
  • Disk Encryption - if you are using a laptop or storing the data on USB sticks, you should encrypt the disks to prevent unauthorised access in the event the device is lost or stolen.  Encrypted USB sticks are available with additional software/hardware which requires a password or fingerprint to access the data.  These are normally worth the additional cost and could save a large fine after a data breach. 

Apart from securing your data, you should also keep your computers up to date by applying the latest updates.  Install a good antivirus/anti-malware application, consider restricting access to the internet via web filtering, use a good anti-spam filter and of course train your staff.   


 Should you need assistance with securing your data, please contact our sales team.




Cyber security for SMEs

In September 2012, UK Government department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Cabinet Office and CESG (the information security department of GCHQ) published guidance on 10 steps to cyber security.  The steps can substantially reduce the risks by helping to prevent or deter the majority of types of attacks.  

10 Steps to Cyber Security

The full article: 

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Small Business Server versions

Over the past 20 years Microsoft have continually developed their Windows Server range of products and each time the new version is released most have had a "small business" edition.  

SBS Version Windows Server version Exchange SQL Server Max users Notes
Backoffice Small Business Server 4.0 NT 4 SP3 5.0 6.5 25  
BackOffice Small Business Server 4.5 NT 4 SP4 5.5 7.0 50  
Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 2000 2000 2000 50  
Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 2003 2003 2000* 75 *SQL available in premium edition add on
Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 Standard 2008 2007 2008* 75 *SQL available in premium edition
Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 Standard 2008 R2 2010 2008 R2* 75 *SQL available in premium edition
Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 Essentials 2008 R2 25 Limited version
Microsoft Server 2012 Essentials 2012 - - 25 Limited version
Microsoft 2012 R2 Essentials 2012 R2 - - 50 Limited version


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Good Passwords

We often find users have difficulty remembering passwords and end up using the same password for their pc login and email accounts and every website including important sites such as their bank and credit cards.  As a result we have heard of individuals getting caught out by the "social" hackers tricks, where you sign up for something linked to facebook or twitter.  This is where someone will create a website which may look fairly harmless but will require you to subscribe and setup a password.  All the hacker needs to do is try the same password you have willingly supplied to your email and they could be in the money.  

If someone gets access or control of your email account then this can be used with the forgotten password links on most websites.  If the site also has a forgotten username link then this may also be used.

Most of us will happily give our email details out to anyone, assuming that junk filters and antivirus will capture anything bad, having a password of 8 complex characters may not save you from some attacks.  There are even lists of encrypted passwords available which translate an encoded password back into readable characters.

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PC Car analagy

I often get asked by customer who are trying to understand what they need to know when buying a PC or Laptop, I normally talk them through a simple analagy relating to cars (which most people understand):

The PC Car analagy

The CPU within a computer is like a cars engine, the faster it runs, the more you can do with it. The CPU is normally measured in Gigahertz/Ghz (although when I first started this was Megahertz/Mhz)

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HP Vlan and Avaya

This week I've mainly been working with the wonderfull world of VLANs.

When a network grows to a certain size or your running VOIP on your network you may consider separation of the data to improve the network performance. You can do this either by buying separate switches and if you need to connect them use a router to ensure the data is kept apart. However VLAN technology has been around for a few years now and the price of a good managed switch is within the reach of most IT departments. Most managed switches will work at (ISO) Layer 2 - mac address. If your even lucky you can find a layer 3 light or full layer 3 switch - IP address routing. (For more info on ISO Layers)

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Root kits from Hell

Just had one of them days today, I have a pretty good grasp of windows and spotting the odd trojan or virus however rootkits are harder to spot.

I generally run good old combofix on a pc when I get a call from a user saying there is an issue, but what happens when that wont run?

Most of the manufacturers of antivirus product have their own rootkit program to discover the problem but not always to fix them.

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