Pro-Active IT

Published: Wednesday, 16 July 2014 13:18

Many businesses use IT in many forms, whether it is a simple PC with a word processor to allow you to write documents or a complete customer relationship manager (CRM) connected to your accounts package.  Many companies are now dependent upon email or even to find out the number of a client they need to call.

How much time are you devoting to your IT systems?  Could that time be utilised better in your business?

At IT 4 Offices we use a state of the art monitoring software to ensure your systems are running and kept running, preventing downtime where possible and ensuring you are in running your company using your IT systems effectively and not allowing your IT to prevent you working.

We pro-actively monitor your servers, pcs, laptops and network and if we see an issue then we react resolving the issue even before you even have to log a call.  We are able to update or repair your systems remotely, taking control when required and keeping your systems online.

If your IT support company is only providing a reactive service then is it time to change to a company who prefers our clients don't need to call us!

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